Life is to Live

A friend once asked when do we live? Not merely exist, but truly live? I smiled to myself, Knowing I have the words for An answer to give. We live in the small moments of life that make us smile. We live in the times between contentment and hard trials. We live life for today... Continue Reading →


(written in the voice of the survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Florida. I stand with you for change. #NeverAgain) Ringing in my ears... It won't go away. I shake my head and... Nothing! The sound is still there. It's the shrill screams of the fallen. The shattering of glass. The... Continue Reading →

Perfect Love

(A Valentine for my husband) I watched you sleep, your eyes twitching with your dreams. A warm calm washed over me, knowing it would be you, next to me, always. Perfect love is not about flowers and big gestures. It's about this... Appreciating the quite together Seeing your faults and accepting them and knowing you... Continue Reading →

Majestic Sky

Clouds race across the sky Winds pushing them faster Changing their shape Guiding them to higher plains. The image of the day morphs Light to dark Crystal blue to grey Suddenly the purples collide with the pink Pulling in the pitch of night across the horizon. Never again will the day look like today Tomorrow... Continue Reading →

The Night the Music Died

Bits of metal flew through the night sky Falling to the earth and quieting the music The strum of guitars was replaced by the screams of the crowd Keeping time to the beating of feet running in search of safety. As the tears began to fall they followed the blood tinting the grass People cried... Continue Reading →

4.5 Stars for I Am The Muse Poet

I was literally just brought to tears by the kind words in this review of I AM The Muse Poet. It's wonderful when I get a great review of my novels, but when someone gives praise to my poetry it's like validation for my soul. Thank you to Rebecca of SSBB. Sassy Southern Book Blog┬árated... Continue Reading →


  The sound of the gun shots Overpowered the music The trembling of bodies Rivaled the thump of the bass The fear in the air Out weighed the excitement of the night No reason will make sense No words can change the events Hate was the impetus Hate brought on by ignorance Hate of what... Continue Reading →

I Love You, Mommy

Words are my gift my therapy my life my love Words can heal my wounds express my emotions free my soul fill my heart Words did take away my hope destroy my future kill my dreams break my heart But nothing compares to the emptiness I feel knowing I will never hear those four little... Continue Reading →


You are awe inspiring Bold and beautiful Yet your image foretells danger. Energy trapped in space Ready to combust But still I am drawn to you Your image sometimes whispy and playful Then other times Packed with ominous warnings Of danger ahead But the warnings don't deter me No, the entice Intrigue and lure me... Continue Reading →

Laugh Lines

My laugh lines tell a story The story of my life Tales of jokes and pranks Tales of wrongs and rights They are memories of my sun-filled days Captured in my face They are memories of my younger days Those times I cant replace My laugh lines hold my secrets Stories I've never shared If... Continue Reading →

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