Her Trust

In the shadow of building, No one else around. In the cover of the moonlight, The night our lives were bound. Her sad eyes spoke to me, Pleading for my affection. Taking what she gave to me was never my intention. Never had she vered this way, Never straying from her path. Her quiet beauty... Continue Reading →


The Forbidden fruit A decadent treat Offering up Its juice so sweet Tempted  by its size and shape Needing to have  just one quick taste Desire grows From deep within Follow me As I lead you to sin © 2017 Brooke Lee

Back Burner

Pushed to the back Left in the cold Longing for the days of old. Missing your smile Your silly laugh I want those fun times back Dont take me for granted Or ignore my needs One day I'll be gone And you'll be left missing me © 2017 Brooke Lee

Morning Light

I wish I could capture the beauty of the morning sky. Keep it hidden in a box just for me to see. When darkness takes over, remove the lid and let the morning light shine on my weary soul. I see the promise offered by the dawning of a new day. I feel the hope... Continue Reading →


As the water cascaded down my body Warming my flesh Soothing my aching muscles I closed my eyes Enjoying the steady stream of water Pass over my shoulders Run down my back In that moment I felt your touch Your fingers in my hair Your kiss on my neck Your hands capturing My breast My... Continue Reading →

Angels  on Earth

I saw an angel today She did not have feather wings Nor did she don a halo. No, instead she wore an apron and a tired smile. I saw an angel today He did not play a harp Nor was he floating on a cloud. No, instead he sang a song of Of hope and... Continue Reading →

I Saw Me

In her face I saw Years of life experience And the heartbreak of loss. Through his inability to speak I heard the loneliness Of his life lived in the shadows. I was broken by the smile Of a child that never truly Reached her eyes. Even through the sorrow She offered a thank you He... Continue Reading →

2nd Fiddle

Second fiddle in the band Story of my life Never make to the top Such is my life Ive been a fill in To pass the time But never good enough To be the prime Copyright 2016 Brooke Lee 

A yes man

A yes man I am not You want something I ain't got. Walk into the wall if you dare Pardon me if I care.  My heart is pure don't you see Instead you pick the yes over me. Have all the fun while you can I'll pick up the pieces in the end. copyright 2016... Continue Reading →

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