Not all Rag Dolls are tossed aside…

Rag Doll A Slight of Man Novel By Brooke Lee ©2018 Release date: 7/7/18 Amazon Universal iTunes, B&N and KOBO Signed Paperback Not all bikers are outlaws. Not all dads are heros. Not all truths are reality. Not all Rag Dolls are tossed aside.   It's been about 6 months in the making, but Rag... Continue Reading →

~~~~Cover Reveal~~~~

 RAG DOLL A Slight of Man Novel Brooke Lee -Author Release Date: 7-7-2018 Cover Design by: Anibet Castro of Anytime Author Promotions Not all bikers are outlaws. Not all dads are heros. Not all truths are reality. Not all Rag Dolls are tossed aside. Add me to your GoodreadsTBR The day I buried my dad,... Continue Reading →

Life is to Live

A friend once asked when do we live? Not merely exist, but truly live? I smiled to myself, Knowing I have the words for An answer to give. We live in the small moments of life that make us smile. We live in the times between contentment and hard trials. We live life for today... Continue Reading →

Free ebook while supplies last

🎉🎈🎁 Book birthday #Giveaway🎁🎈🎉 April 1st is I Am ShelbyJames 2nd book birthday! To celebrate, Brooke Lee is giving away 50 #FREE e-copies. 🎈Sign up here while supplies last: Sign up HERE ~A modern day spin on the traditional Love triangle. Find out what happens when the lines between love and friendship blur.~ Blurb~ I... Continue Reading →

#FREE just for signing up!

Who loves #FreeBooks? I know, I know, silly question. Follower Appreciation! Being an author is a labor of love. I write for the love of the words and the story. Taking an idea for a character and watching her or his story grow is thrilling. Me loving my books is a given, they are my... Continue Reading →

Read Chapter 1 For Free

Chapter 1 Roni I can still remember the feeling of the wind catching my hand as I held it out of the car window. For a brief moment, I could keep my hand steady, but then the force of the speeding air would carry it up and away from my intended position. It was as... Continue Reading →


(written in the voice of the survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas school shooting in Parkland, Florida. I stand with you for change. #NeverAgain) Ringing in my ears... It won't go away. I shake my head and... Nothing! The sound is still there. It's the shrill screams of the fallen. The shattering of glass. The... Continue Reading →

What is in your heart, that brings you to evil? Is your soul black and shriveled? Why bring your anger to hurt the innocent? I don't understand. Were you bullied? Mistreated? Ignored? Did you hear the call of the demons commanding you rock exact revenge on humanity? Was there something in your past to hurt... Continue Reading →

Perfect Love

(A Valentine for my husband) I watched you sleep, your eyes twitching with your dreams. A warm calm washed over me, knowing it would be you, next to me, always. Perfect love is not about flowers and big gestures. It's about this... Appreciating the quite together Seeing your faults and accepting them and knowing you... Continue Reading →

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