Rag Doll, A Slight of Man Novel


SKU: rag-doll,-a-slight-of-man-novel


Not all bikers are outlaws.

Not all dads are heroes.

Not all truths are reality.

Not all Rag Dolls are tossed aside.



 The day I buried my dad, my world changed forever.

Not because of his death, because of his life.

Most people inherit money, property or even family heirlooms.

Me? I inherited his secrets.

And his enemies.

Reuniting with Dad’s old biker friends was the start of my nightmare,

but it also lead me to him. Dallas Milburn, my brother’s best friend

and my childhood crush. He may look like a bad-ass biker,

but I’m slowly learning that he’s more than his image.

With a watcher on my tail, my brother out of sight,

and Dallas in my bed, I’m a prime target for the Slight of Man.

Like the old adage says, never judge a book by its cover.

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